Seduced by an apple..

Are you having fun with food? Is that even possible?

When you think about food, what comes up for you? Is there a sense of ease and joy? How many points of view do you have about food and eating? Is it just something you have to do to keep alive? Do you ever get frustrated and think “I just can’t get it right”..? Or is eating pleasurable for you? A total hedonistic and orgasmic experience?

As a nutritionist, many people ask me for the right diet. What’s the right way to loose weight and to eat healthy?

A couple of years ago I would’ve had the perfect answer to that – at least in my opinion. But I also noticed that something was missing in my consultations. No matter how simple and brilliant my diet plans were put together, they still didn’t have the effect I hoped they would have. I knew that there was so much more possible for my clients.. But what?

And then I had this big light bulb moment. Of course, people have so many points of view about nutrition and eating, what’s right and what’s wrong and just HEAPS of judgments around this topic! AND along with that, nobody had ever been shown or taught how to have a connection with their body… so all dietary recommendations were a drop in the ocean.

So I started to include looking at all of that too… and the changes my clients got out of it were phenomenal.

One big part of having a different relationship with food is having fun and joy with it.

This blog post is actually all about having fun and joy with food and a little bit about… seduction!

So my question to you: How much fun and pure pleasure do you have with food and eating?

For me food it is all about, ‘Mmmmhhhhh ‚Wooowwww, Yummy‚ OMG’…
And all of that starts with just holding food in my hand. I observe the colors, the form, the smell.. and in being just present with it, I have so much gratitude for all the food that’s available – it’s like receiving little gifts from the earth. If you would have nothing but gratitude for food, could that alone change something for you towards having more fun with it?

Have you ever been really present with an apple (or any other food)? So absolutely present and aware that you don’t miss anything? The structure of the skin, the colors, the different shades, the temperature, the juiciness of the fruit pulp when you cut it in half, the many flavours when you take a bite? And what else could you be aware of?

What if you would allow yourself to be seduced by an apple? And I know, this might sound crazy – but have you tried it?
If you think about your lover and you lay in bed with him/her, do you want to get it over with as fast as possible, or do you take time for each other?
And what if you would look at food in the same way?
Would you eat it very quickly? Would you just choose some food without thinking about it? Or would you rather go for something that makes your body tingly with joy?

What if the next time you eat or cook something, you take your time to be so present with it that you don’t miss anything?

If you take a bite of an apple, how many flavours are unfolding on your tongue?

I can remember working in a flavour company and I was fascinated with all the different flavours I got to taste. This was, for me, the beginning of becoming aware of the beautiful range of flavours I could taste in a product and where in my mouth I could notice them.

How many flavours can you detect when you take a bite of an apple?

If you eat your food super fast and without being present, how much of the flavours (that can gift your body so much joy) can you actually taste? And how aware can you be, when your body has had enough?

If you want to have joy, fun and a total hedonistic experience with food, what if you would start with an apple? (Or whatever you desire in the moment).. you might just get a foodgasm! 😉

Choosing lightness over heaviness and being tired

Does that sound familiar to you? You eat something and after that your body feels heavy, all your energy and lightness is gone and you just want to go to sleep?

I went to this cute coffee place with this amazing food and ordered something that made my body tingling with joy.

The food was delicious… but half way through my body had enough. It didn’t desire to eat more and was totally happy with just the little it got. So what did I do? Oh yes, I ignored all the signs my body gave me and ate the whole plate!
Afterwards, I didn’t feel so good anymore. My body felt really heavy, I got tired and didn’t get as much done as I usually do.

You probbly have never felt like that after a meal, right?

Most of the time these symptoms are actually the result of eating too much or something, that your body didn’t desire at all.

So how often do you eat more than your body desires? And how often do you ignore all the signs your body is giving you?

A point of view that almost all my clients share, is that they think they have to feel full after eating and that this is the sign to stop eating. But if your body feels full, most of the time you have already eaten too much.

Did you get used being tired and not energised after eating? Do you think that this is the way it’s supposed to be?
What if there is something else possible? What if it’s not the coffee, that is lifting you up after eating but your awareness and communication with your body.

Would you be willing to listen to your body?

Starting to communicate with your body is one important thing you might want to practice, if you really want to have ease with food and your body! And I say practice, because if you have never listened to your body, you probably have to ‘train this muscle’. And it doesn’t need to be hard. What if you could explore your body in a totally different way?

HERE IS A SIMPLE EXERCISE – give it a try for a week.. or even longer:

Every time you eat something, put your phone and your laptop away and switch off the TV. Get really present with your body, the food in front of you and every bite you put into your mouth.

When you get the awareness, that you have enough: STOP EATING! And how getting this awareness looks like, is something you have to find out for yourself. There is no standard recipe. But with a little practice you will KNOW! Because YOU KNOW! You are the expert for your body, nobody else!

At the beginning it might be weird to stop to eating, even if you feel like that there is space left in your tummy. But what if you don’t have to fill up this space?

Here is a little example: how do you like your home? Stuffed with things or do you rather have space to move around?
And this is what most bodies desire – space to be and to move.
If you start listening to your body, you will feel so much lighter, better and amazing with it.

Just remember, there is no right or wrong way to do it!

xo Kerstin

Tool-Tip: Who does this belong to?

Being happy on a deserted island is pretty easy. You are far away from your job, your problems, your family or whatever worries you. There is lot of space around you, no hectic, no cars and sometimes not even Internet to check your emails or your Facebook account. You have almost no people around you, which means, you are not picking up on so many thoughts of other people either. All in all, there is just nothing in your head. (Well, at least that happens when I’m on an island.)

But when you are back from holiday, it can feel like if you get crushed under a big wave of thoughts, hectic, appointments or dead lines and the whole mind chatter starts again, where before, there was nothing but beautiful nurturing space.

So, how to deal with the daily crazy life? The daily crazy stress and super crazy people around you? I have a damn cool tip for you!

What if you can create a life with total ease in the midst of all the craziness. And have fun with it?

When you are able to have space in the middle of insaneness, you stop being the effect of everything around you and you can be, do and create everything in your life! Sounds awesome to you?

So check out one of my favorite tools of Access Consciousness®!


For every thought, feeling or emotion you have, ask ‘Who does this belong to?’ If it lightens up, it’s not yours and you can energetically return it back to sender indegenerique.be! And believe me, 99.99% of all your crazy thoughts, feelings and emotions are actually not yours!

That’s why you feel great and space heady on a deserted island (or on holiday) and overwhelmed as soon as you are back home.

This tool is sooooo simple and yet it can change your whole life if you are really willing to use it!

Have fun using this tool and playing around with it!


You can even use this tool when you are hungry or before you are eating something. It may be, that you are just picking up on someone else’s empty stomach and it’s not even yours. I know, craaaaaaaaazy right?

If you want to have more tools like these how to have ease with food, connecting to your body or losing weight, check out my FREE E-book ‘8 STEPS TO BE YOUR OWN NUTRITION GURU’.

Magic Morning

For most people the morning is not their favorite time of the day. Why? Because for most of them mornings include stress, hectic, not enough sleep, going to a job they don’t really enjoy and feeling not really energized.

Does that sound familiar to you?The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

What if you could change how you start into your day with total ease? What if a relaxed and joyful morning would effect the whole day in a very amazing way?


Take a moment and close your eyes and get, what your mornings look like.
And then ask yourself if that’s actually working for you? Is it fun? Joyful? And how does your body feel in the morning?
Look at your morning routine and ask yourself, if that’s the way you want to start into your day?
If you are happy with your mornings, awesome! If not….

Take another moment, close your eyes and get what you would like your mornings to be and look like? And how would you like to feel? Get the energy of it. Is it joyful? Fun? Light? Energized?

Now that you know what your mornings should be, feel and look like, ask yourself what changes you could make?
You know. There is no rush. No right or wrong. Just start where you are and make small changes. Step by step.

  • Start with getting up a little bit earlier. That will allow you to avoid the morning rush and to have more time for YOU!
  • What if the first thing in the morning was not grabbing your phone and checking your emails? What would you like to do in the first 5 -10 minutes after you opened your eyes? What would get you in a happy mood?
  • Movements and exercises: after resting for a couple of hours most bodies love some movements in the morning. Ask your body what it would like to do or just do something that is fun and gets your organism into gear. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a 5 minute yoga or stretch exercise or a 15 min run. Do something that is fun for you and it can be different every day.
  • Take your time with the morning shower. Enjoy the water on your skin, the smell of a nice shower gel and be nurturing to your body.
  • When you look into the mirror, don’t judge your body for how it looks like. Instead tell your body how grateful you are for it! Every day! I wonder what that might change?
  • Take your time to ask some questions. You can do that in the 5 – 10 minutes after waking up. Or while taking a shower.


  •  Before you eat something or pour down a coffee, get present with your body. Does it require something right now? Is it really a coffee? Or rather a fresh juice, tea, water or nothing at all? And what if that is different every day?
  • You have still some time left? Do something that nurtures and inspires you. What would be fun? Maybe it’s watching inspirational YouTube videos, reading a chapter of your favorite book or just writing down some ideas or thoughts.

You know, some mornings will probably work out better for you than others. It doesn’t matter. There is no right and wrong here. Only what works for you.

The most important thing is: having fun!!!
Have the best magical mornings.

Xxx Kerstin

Shouldn’t your life be all about YOU?

Since I’m doing Access, there are things I have heard over and over again. Sentences ‘choose what’s true for you’ are like the air I’m breathing. And yet, I never got what that actually meant for me. I thought (and I really really did) I was choosing for me.

And yes, I did… more than I had ever before and still, there was something I never fully got. What does choosing for ME actually mean or look like?

So, there I was sitting in one of the recent Access classes, listening to Gary (the founder of Access Consciousness®) and the other participants talking about choice, choosing what’s true for them and suddenly… BOOM. Something hit me right into the face. Jeez, what was that? Oh… yes, of course… a really uncomfortable awareness. Something I was never willing to look at.

What hit me that hard was my awareness, that I thought I was choosing me and what’s true for me but what I was actually doing my whole life was pleasing everyone around me and trying to make everybody happy (even if they didn’t desire it) and to make everyone feel comfortable around me.

Nice, hu?

I mean, yes, it is a beautiful thing not going out into the world and spreading meanness and unkindness but if that is your ONLY choice, you can never be really present with you and therefore not knowing what’s actually true for you. You have no real choice there and things can get really fucked up. Been there. Done that.

And now, I choose something different!

I was so busy making everybody happy around me that I was willing to exclude myself from my own life without really noticing it. Wow, how cute but maybe not my smartest choice. And definitely not what I want my life to be like.

Actually, I want to be there when my life is happening. And not only happening, I’d like to create my life and living the way I desire it and be able to make choices in every second. For me.

You know, you can have that too! If you choose it!

So, here is my question to you lovely: How much have you excluded yourself from your life?
And what if you would start to include you? Shouldn’t your life be all about YOU????
So what is true for you? Only you know it! And only, if you get really really present with yourself.

What if you could live your dreams?

Dreams don’t want to linger in the dark. They don’t want to hide. They want to see the light. They want to shine and be alive… loud, colorful and intense!

If you could choose anything right away, what would it be? Who would you be? Where would you live? What would you do? Would you still be working in the same job? Would you still be in the same relationship? And would you still just talk about your dreams and find excuses for not living your dreams?

Do you recognize yourself in that?

Let me tell you one thing: every dream begins with the first step. With a choice. And it’s probably the most important choice you can make in your life.

The choice of choosing YOU! Not choosing your partner, your mother or somebody else. No, it’s all about you and choosing (for) YOU!
This simple choice can open up doors and possibilities for you and your dreams, you never dared to dream of.

Lots of people don’t follow their dreams, because they think they are not reachable or unrealistic and too far away from their current life.

And I get it! Sometimes the things we want to have in our lives, seem to be too far away. But what if you start from where you are right now? What could you do right now to come closer to your dreams? Who could you talk to? Who or what could you pull into your life?

It’s really about getting started. Whatever that is. Step by step. How does that sound to you? Does it make you feel lighter?
And you will see, suddenly your dreams don’t seem so far away anymore.

Just a little side note: if you discover on the way to your dreams, that you don’t want to follow this path anymore… say ‘fuck it’ and move on to something different. Sometimes dreams change along our journey of life. And that’s fine too!

What does your body know?

So what does your body know? Have you ever considered asking your body questions? Like what it actually wants to eat, do, wear or how to move?

What if your body knows so much more than you have ever thought?

And what if your body has actually it’s own consciousness and is its own kind of ‘person’ (just without any judgments J) but with its own point of view?

I know, it might sound a little bit crazy to some of you because we have learned that we are our body or that we are in our body. But is this really true for you? What if you are not your body but an infinite being which has a body?

How does that make you feel? Lighter?

The first time I have heard about this concept I just felt so much lighter and it had this kind of expansion in my universe. This is when I know that something is a truth for me. (And that may look totally different for you!)

If we have the point of view that we are our body, than we have to make all the decisions for it. We decide what is good, not good, healthy or not healthy for our body. We (with our mind) decide simple everything for it.

Imagine you were a kid or a teenager and your parents decided everything for you, regardless what you were thinking. How did that feel? And how much fun was that for you? Not so much, right?

Do you think your body has fun with you and your decisions for it?

So what if you would start to communicate with your body instead and develop a true friendship with it?Moonlight 2016 film download

How much more fun and ease would you have with your body if you would really commit to it and listen to what it actually requires.

When it comes to food, you can ask:

Body, what would you like to eat?
How much would you like to eat?
Are you really hungry?

And keep asking questions. The more you do it, the more ‘information’ you will get and the more ease you will have with it.
And what if you wouldn’t judge yourself if you have no clue if you do it right? What if there is no right and wrong? Just try it and keep asking your body question.

You will be surprised how much ease and peace you will have with your body, with food, with simply everything when you start listening to the whispers of your body.