Being happy on a deserted island is pretty easy. You are far away from your job, your problems, your family or whatever worries you. There is lot of space around you, no hectic, no cars and sometimes not even Internet to check your emails or your Facebook account. You have almost no people around you, which means, you are not picking up on so many thoughts of other people either. All in all, there is just nothing in your head. (Well, at least that happens when I’m on an island.)

But when you are back from holiday, it can feel like if you get crushed under a big wave of thoughts, hectic, appointments or dead lines and the whole mind chatter starts again, where before, there was nothing but beautiful nurturing space.

So, how to deal with the daily crazy life? The daily crazy stress and super crazy people around you? I have a damn cool tip for you!

What if you can create a life with total ease in the midst of all the craziness. And have fun with it?

When you are able to have space in the middle of insaneness, you stop being the effect of everything around you and you can be, do and create everything in your life! Sounds awesome to you?

So check out one of my favorite tools of Access Consciousness®!


For every thought, feeling or emotion you have, ask ‘Who does this belong to?’ If it lightens up, it’s not yours and you can energetically return it back to sender! And believe me, 99.99% of all your crazy thoughts, feelings and emotions are actually not yours!

That’s why you feel great and space heady on a deserted island (or on holiday) and overwhelmed as soon as you are back home.

This tool is sooooo simple and yet it can change your whole life if you are really willing to use it!

Have fun using this tool and playing around with it!


You can even use this tool when you are hungry or before you are eating something. It may be, that you are just picking up on someone else’s empty stomach and it’s not even yours. I know, craaaaaaaaazy right?

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