So what does your body know? Have you ever considered asking your body questions? Like what it actually wants to eat, do, wear or how to move?

What if your body knows so much more than you have ever thought?

And what if your body has actually it’s own consciousness and is its own kind of ‘person’ (just without any judgments J) but with its own point of view?

I know, it might sound a little bit crazy to some of you because we have learned that we are our body or that we are in our body. But is this really true for you? What if you are not your body but an infinite being which has a body?

How does that make you feel? Lighter?

The first time I have heard about this concept I just felt so much lighter and it had this kind of expansion in my universe. This is when I know that something is a truth for me. (And that may look totally different for you!)

If we have the point of view that we are our body, than we have to make all the decisions for it. We decide what is good, not good, healthy or not healthy for our body. We (with our mind) decide simple everything for it.

Imagine you were a kid or a teenager and your parents decided everything for you, regardless what you were thinking. How did that feel? And how much fun was that for you? Not so much, right?

Do you think your body has fun with you and your decisions for it?

So what if you would start to communicate with your body instead and develop a true friendship with it?Moonlight 2016 film download

How much more fun and ease would you have with your body if you would really commit to it and listen to what it actually requires.

When it comes to food, you can ask:

Body, what would you like to eat?
How much would you like to eat?
Are you really hungry?

And keep asking questions. The more you do it, the more ‘information’ you will get and the more ease you will have with it.
And what if you wouldn’t judge yourself if you have no clue if you do it right? What if there is no right and wrong? Just try it and keep asking your body question.

You will be surprised how much ease and peace you will have with your body, with food, with simply everything when you start listening to the whispers of your body.