Does that sound familiar to you? You eat something and after that your body feels heavy, all your energy and lightness is gone and you just want to go to sleep?

I went to this cute coffee place with this amazing food and ordered something that made my body tingling with joy.

The food was delicious… but half way through my body had enough. It didn’t desire to eat more and was totally happy with just the little it got. So what did I do? Oh yes, I ignored all the signs my body gave me and ate the whole plate!
Afterwards, I didn’t feel so good anymore. My body felt really heavy, I got tired and didn’t get as much done as I usually do.

You probbly have never felt like that after a meal, right?

Most of the time these symptoms are actually the result of eating too much or something, that your body didn’t desire at all.

So how often do you eat more than your body desires? And how often do you ignore all the signs your body is giving you?

A point of view that almost all my clients share, is that they think they have to feel full after eating and that this is the sign to stop eating. But if your body feels full, most of the time you have already eaten too much.

Did you get used being tired and not energised after eating? Do you think that this is the way it’s supposed to be?
What if there is something else possible? What if it’s not the coffee, that is lifting you up after eating but your awareness and communication with your body.

Would you be willing to listen to your body?

Starting to communicate with your body is one important thing you might want to practice, if you really want to have ease with food and your body! And I say practice, because if you have never listened to your body, you probably have to ‘train this muscle’. And it doesn’t need to be hard. What if you could explore your body in a totally different way?

HERE IS A SIMPLE EXERCISE – give it a try for a week.. or even longer:

Every time you eat something, put your phone and your laptop away and switch off the TV. Get really present with your body, the food in front of you and every bite you put into your mouth.

When you get the awareness, that you have enough: STOP EATING! And how getting this awareness looks like, is something you have to find out for yourself. There is no standard recipe. But with a little practice you will KNOW! Because YOU KNOW! You are the expert for your body, nobody else!

At the beginning it might be weird to stop to eating, even if you feel like that there is space left in your tummy. But what if you don’t have to fill up this space?

Here is a little example: how do you like your home? Stuffed with things or do you rather have space to move around?
And this is what most bodies desire – space to be and to move.
If you start listening to your body, you will feel so much lighter, better and amazing with it.

Just remember, there is no right or wrong way to do it!

xo Kerstin