Dreams don’t want to linger in the dark. They don’t want to hide. They want to see the light. They want to shine and be alive… loud, colorful and intense!

If you could choose anything right away, what would it be? Who would you be? Where would you live? What would you do? Would you still be working in the same job? Would you still be in the same relationship? And would you still just talk about your dreams and find excuses for not living your dreams?

Do you recognize yourself in that?

Let me tell you one thing: every dream begins with the first step. With a choice. And it’s probably the most important choice you can make in your life.

The choice of choosing YOU! Not choosing your partner, your mother or somebody else. No, it’s all about you and choosing (for) YOU!
This simple choice can open up doors and possibilities for you and your dreams, you never dared to dream of.

Lots of people don’t follow their dreams, because they think they are not reachable or unrealistic and too far away from their current life.

And I get it! Sometimes the things we want to have in our lives, seem to be too far away. But what if you start from where you are right now? What could you do right now to come closer to your dreams? Who could you talk to? Who or what could you pull into your life?

It’s really about getting started. Whatever that is. Step by step. How does that sound to you? Does it make you feel lighter?
And you will see, suddenly your dreams don’t seem so far away anymore.

Just a little side note: if you discover on the way to your dreams, that you don’t want to follow this path anymore… say ‘fuck it’ and move on to something different. Sometimes dreams change along our journey of life. And that’s fine too!