Are you having fun with food? Is that even possible?

When you think about food, what comes up for you? Is there a sense of ease and joy? How many points of view do you have about food and eating? Is it just something you have to do to keep alive? Do you ever get frustrated and think “I just can’t get it right”..? Or is eating pleasurable for you? A total hedonistic and orgasmic experience?

As a nutritionist, many people ask me for the right diet. What’s the right way to loose weight and to eat healthy?

A couple of years ago I would’ve had the perfect answer to that – at least in my opinion. But I also noticed that something was missing in my consultations. No matter how simple and brilliant my diet plans were put together, they still didn’t have the effect I hoped they would have. I knew that there was so much more possible for my clients.. But what?

And then I had this big light bulb moment. Of course, people have so many points of view about nutrition and eating, what’s right and what’s wrong and just HEAPS of judgments around this topic! AND along with that, nobody had ever been shown or taught how to have a connection with their body… so all dietary recommendations were a drop in the ocean.

So I started to include looking at all of that too… and the changes my clients got out of it were phenomenal.

One big part of having a different relationship with food is having fun and joy with it.

This blog post is actually all about having fun and joy with food and a little bit about… seduction!

So my question to you: How much fun and pure pleasure do you have with food and eating?

For me food it is all about, ‘Mmmmhhhhh ‚Wooowwww, Yummy‚ OMG’…
And all of that starts with just holding food in my hand. I observe the colors, the form, the smell.. and in being just present with it, I have so much gratitude for all the food that’s available – it’s like receiving little gifts from the earth. If you would have nothing but gratitude for food, could that alone change something for you towards having more fun with it?

Have you ever been really present with an apple (or any other food)? So absolutely present and aware that you don’t miss anything? The structure of the skin, the colors, the different shades, the temperature, the juiciness of the fruit pulp when you cut it in half, the many flavours when you take a bite? And what else could you be aware of?

What if you would allow yourself to be seduced by an apple? And I know, this might sound crazy – but have you tried it?
If you think about your lover and you lay in bed with him/her, do you want to get it over with as fast as possible, or do you take time for each other?
And what if you would look at food in the same way?
Would you eat it very quickly? Would you just choose some food without thinking about it? Or would you rather go for something that makes your body tingly with joy?

What if the next time you eat or cook something, you take your time to be so present with it that you don’t miss anything?

If you take a bite of an apple, how many flavours are unfolding on your tongue?

I can remember working in a flavour company and I was fascinated with all the different flavours I got to taste. This was, for me, the beginning of becoming aware of the beautiful range of flavours I could taste in a product and where in my mouth I could notice them.

How many flavours can you detect when you take a bite of an apple?

If you eat your food super fast and without being present, how much of the flavours (that can gift your body so much joy) can you actually taste? And how aware can you be, when your body has had enough?

If you want to have joy, fun and a total hedonistic experience with food, what if you would start with an apple? (Or whatever you desire in the moment).. you might just get a foodgasm! 😉