Since I’m doing Access, there are things I have heard over and over again. Sentences ‘choose what’s true for you’ are like the air I’m breathing. And yet, I never got what that actually meant for me. I thought (and I really really did) I was choosing for me.

And yes, I did… more than I had ever before and still, there was something I never fully got. What does choosing for ME actually mean or look like?

So, there I was sitting in one of the recent Access classes, listening to Gary (the founder of Access Consciousness®) and the other participants talking about choice, choosing what’s true for them and suddenly… BOOM. Something hit me right into the face. Jeez, what was that? Oh… yes, of course… a really uncomfortable awareness. Something I was never willing to look at.

What hit me that hard was my awareness, that I thought I was choosing me and what’s true for me but what I was actually doing my whole life was pleasing everyone around me and trying to make everybody happy (even if they didn’t desire it) and to make everyone feel comfortable around me.

Nice, hu?

I mean, yes, it is a beautiful thing not going out into the world and spreading meanness and unkindness but if that is your ONLY choice, you can never be really present with you and therefore not knowing what’s actually true for you. You have no real choice there and things can get really fucked up. Been there. Done that.

And now, I choose something different!

I was so busy making everybody happy around me that I was willing to exclude myself from my own life without really noticing it. Wow, how cute but maybe not my smartest choice. And definitely not what I want my life to be like.

Actually, I want to be there when my life is happening. And not only happening, I’d like to create my life and living the way I desire it and be able to make choices in every second. For me.

You know, you can have that too! If you choose it!

So, here is my question to you lovely: How much have you excluded yourself from your life?
And what if you would start to include you? Shouldn’t your life be all about YOU????
So what is true for you? Only you know it! And only, if you get really really present with yourself.